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5 Tips to turn your home office into an inspiring place.

We reveal you the secret to transform your home office into a beautiful and functional space.

Japandi style home office by - Studio Own Architecture -

When the pandemic hit, people had to start working unexpectedly from home, and since then more and more decide to stay like that but facing the problem of how to make our home office or office nook more inspiring and agreeable since we spend most of our day in there. So, we decided to start our blog giving you tips in how to get that desirable look.


Let’s start with something simple, regardless of the colour you choose it should be something you love. Since we want for the space to feel energetic, we will recommend for strong colours as this is not a room for relaxing.

But if this is not for you, you can still have a vibrant office without going too bold. Based on the psychology of colour, yellow greens and beige greens are one of the ultimate stress-reducing shades that make them great for a work environment.

Even if you want to go completely neutral it doesn’t mean that your room can’t be full of visual interest. A lot of designers choose to work with neutral colours as can be transformed into any design style. To achieve a colour neutral yet chic design you need to get lots and lots of textures, that will create contrast and sense of dimension.

"It doesn't matter which colour you choose, it should be something that represents you."


Don’t forget to add storage, this is such an important part in design. I cannot say it enough, organization is key to have a pleasant work area even if you don’t have a lot of room, you can be smart and choose the right furniture for your space. Add boxes, shelf, drawers and any other you can think of.

Moody office nook by - Studio Own Architecture -


A good source of light is a must. If you have the possibility, place your desk as close as possible to natural light. You can always add a desk lamp with bright white light that mimic daylight, this can improve performance at work.

If you're counting on limited desk space, we love the idea of placing a hanging lamp above it.


No matter what room in your house are you designing, it should always reflect your personality and your taste. Is not about to replicate someone else décor, it is about finding out your own. This is one of the most important topics for us, to get to know our clients, so that the design can really make them feel at home.

"Your space should always be at the same time an inspiration and a reflection of you".

Add greenery

I think we can all agree that we don’t need a reason to add some greenery into a room, but in case you are not convinced yet let me give you some.

Did you know that some studies have shown that plants can make us more productive and creative? What a great ally to have in an office space. Plants can also clean the air and are a natural mood booster. Have you ever walked into nature just to de-stress and relax? Well bringing the nature indoor can have the same effect.

Bedroom office design by - Studio Own Architecture -

What do you think about this tips? Do you think that you can apply them to your space and make it your own?

Please let us know your thoughts

Team Own


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