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Transform your backyard into the perfect Ibiza Style patio.

Updated: May 30

We all love the trendy Ibiza style, that makes us feel on a permanent holiday. So We are here to help you to achieve that. With this tips you will be able to make over your garden and enjoy it all year around.

Ibiza style patio - ibiza tuin
source: ownarchitecture

We know, we are also obsessing over this style. I think that we can all agree that the pandemic changed our way of life, how we interact, how we work and how we live and enjoy our house. We have been pushed to work from home, not that we complain about it, we had to rethink our spaces and made room for this new activity. It made us nest, and with this came the necessity to remodel and decor to make our houses feel like homes. We started to appreciate more our outdoors, not matter the size, it became more important than ever. Although the pandemic is over, there are a lot of people still recovering from this and not be able to vacation, So the idea of having a holiday like backyard, it will make you enjoy the summer time even on working days.

Imagine having your lunch break in one of these spaces, or even take your laptop there while you enjoy the weather.

So, without any further lets start with the transformation tips.

Tip #1 - Color

We can all agree that white is the essence of the Ibiza style. All white, from floor to ceiling. White brings softness and a cosy feel, but that doesn’t mean that you must use just one shade of white. Play around, use darker and lighter shades with different subtones so you can get a more interesting look.

outdoor bench - ibiza tuin
Source: ownarchitecture

Tip #2 - Materials

This style as the Japandi, relies mostly on raw materials like bamboo, wood, and stone. These elements bring texture and warmth into space and promote a sense of harmony and balance with nature.

"Add lots of textures in the same color palette.This will make you look like a professional interior designer" –

Tip #3 - Add curves!

A personal favourite. For the last couple of years the curves have been present in almost everything, decor objects, candles, furniture, cushions even in the architectural features of the house like kitchen island and arches.

Think in ditching the straight edges, add curved to built-in bench, walls and even planters.

Ibiza tuin - outdoor ibiza style
Source: ownarchitecture

Tip #4 - Add a Pergola / shade

Try to include a pergola or any kind of shade, even a parasol to create different areas and again to add more texture.

shaded area
Source: ownarchitecture

Tip #5 - Plants

And as our final tip a very important one. ADD PLANTS !! as many as you can. Think in cactus, tall and short to play with the high, palms, the Strelitzia Nicolai is very in right now, an olive tree is a good option, and even the Bougainvillea, (you now that pink flower tree) to bring color and some of that Mediterranean feeling. We can all agree that some greenery will always make a space to feel more elevated.

Outdoor shaded area
Source: Ownarchitecture


Now you have your own ibiza style patio to enjoy all year around. Please tag us if your try even some of this and Let us know your thoughts.


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